KBR Calendar 2012 (English)

KBR Calendar 2012 (English) 2.0

The calendar features each mounth a beautiful portrait or nature photo (See all)
KBR Ministries

Each month features a beautiful portrait or nature photo which bring glory to God and encourage feminine godliness. Approximately 2-3 memory verses are scheduled weekly throughout the year so you will be able to easily memorize different passages of God's Word. At the end of the year, those who take the 366-day reading challenge will receive a special “certificate of completion” and bookmark!

Seeking the Lord is a noble goal, and an excellent way to build godly, solid friendships. We encourage you to take the 366-day Bible reading challenge with a family member or friend. Our accountability program suggests a once-a-month phone call with your partner so you can recite your Scripture memory verses and encourage one another in your goal. You can buy two calendars - one for yourself and one for your partner - for only $12.00. This is a great birthday or friendship gift idea!

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